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4-H project achievement with white clover

2023 Project Achievement

The 2024 Cloverleaf PA contest (4th-6th grade) will be on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. Registration will open on November 1, 2023.  


1. Pick a topic that interests YOU! Here is a list of available topics.

2. Research that topic using credible resources

3. Write your speech! Include an introduction (with a catchy hook), three body paragraphs highlighting your topic, and a conclusion.

4. Create your poster! It can be a trifold board or regular poster board. Be sure to use large words and pictures so that your poster can be seen clearly! Your poster should complement your speech.

5. Time yourself! Your speech should be 4-6 minutes long.

The top three winners in each category will advance to the district competition on Saturday, February 10, 2024, in Newton County. All transportation is provided by the Forsyth County 4-H staff.

Ready to get started? REGISTER NOW. Questions, email

Junior/Senior (7th-12th grade) Project Achievement

The 2023 event is closed. But it is never too soon to start on next year's portfolio! Remember, it takes a year to compile the submission. Not sure where to begin? Email Ms. Heather, TODAY!

Presentations Information and Dates

  • Junior presentation length- 7-9 minutes
  • Senior presentation length- 10-12 minutes
  • Junior Food Lab length- 1 hour
  • Senior Food Lab length- 1 1/2 hours
  • Performing Arts- 4 minutes

DPA Competition and FREE weekend trip to Rock Eagle- check back for the March 2024 date!

DPA weekend activities:

  • Competition
  • Dance!
  • District Officer Elections
  • Canteen Time
  • Recreation
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Free time with friends
  • FUN!

What is Project Achievement?

Project Achievement is a public speaking competition for 4th-12th grade students. Select a topic that YOU are interested in to share with your fellow 4-H'ers, develop your confidence, and meet new friends from across the state at the district competitions. Project areas include, but not are limited to, dog care and training, sports, history, arts & crafts, outdoor recreation and more!

Would you rather cook and be evaluated like the chefs on the Food Network? Compete in one of our many cooking projects including Better Breakfast, Dairy Foods, Pizza, and Festive Foods for Health.

Are you into the performing arts instead? Compete in performing arts instrumental, vocal, or general project area! Project Achievement is for everyone! See the project lists for your grade level and a Parent Guide to Project Achievement below:

Cloverleaf 4th-6th grade Project Achievement

Cloverleaf- 4th-6th grade project list

Junior 7th-8th grade Project Achievement

Junior- 7th-8th grade project list

Senior 9th-12th grade Project Achievement

Senior- 9th-12th grade project list

Project Achievement: A Parent Guide

Project Achievement Video

Why do Project Achievement?

It’s a way to stand out and enhance your abilities for your future career opportunities and college applications. The competition is centered around a topic of interest to you, so you will spent time learning about something you love and will share it with others. Senior competitors who place first go on to State Congress, an all expense paid week in Atlanta with more competition, tours, shopping, formal banquets, and more! In addition, Project Achievement is not only a competition, but a weekend of fun with current and new friends!

Educational Value and Learning Outcomes of Project Achievement

4-H Project Achievement and Georgia Educational Standards

4-H Project Achievement is a self-directed individual competition including presentations and, when age appropriate, a documented record of project work, leadership and service based on experiential learning activities. Youth beginning at age nine and continuing until nineteen have the opportunity to explore an area of interest and share their knowledge through a competitive process designed to meet youth development and age appropriate standards.  4-H Project Achievement participants develop research, writing, and presentation skills that help youth perform better in school related tasks and tests, become self-directed learners and contributing members of society and produces work ready young adults.  Projects are offered in more than 50 different areas with nearly every topic of interest or educational area available for exploration and presentation. Through the 4-H Project Achievement process, youth explore an area of interest, gain knowledge and skills in the area and prepare presentations and evidence of learning. This process builds not only skills related to the Georgia Performance Standards but also those directly related to Work Ready Georgia.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Acquire an understanding of a subject matter in a given project area
  • Develop skills in researching, assembling, and presenting information
  • Develop and enhance qualities of integrity, sportsmanship, cooperation and self-confidence
  • Develop skills in leadership, service and communication
  • (7th-12th) Develop skills in planning and conducting leadership and service activities
  • (7th-12th grade) Prepare written information highlighting personal accomplishments in project work, leadership & service

2022 Cloverleaf DPA
many word graphic about characteristics of a 4-h youth