UGA Extension Office

Marine Resource Camp


Marine Resources Camp at the Burton 4-H Center on Tybee Island is BACK!

After a four year hiatus we are so excited to offer this exciting option for Summer Camp. This year MRC is offered from July 10-14th. Camp is open to any active 7th or 8th grade student (in the 2022-2022 school year). Transportation is not provided to Tybee. Pricing will be posted closer to the January 2023 registration date. To confirm if your child is eligible please email

Classes & Activities

A visit to Marine Resource camp involves many activities! Here is a list of events from past years at camp.

  • Beach Ecology
    Campers will be able to discover a unique and biologically diverse habitat.  Class begins at the center with about 20 minutes of discussion to set the stage for the beach walk.  Campers then spend the bulk of activity time in guided exploration of the beach while searching for shells and shark’s teeth. Swimming is prohibited during this class.
  • Marsh Cruise and Trawl
    Take a boat ride for about 75 minutes through a Georgia tidal marsh on board a pontoon boat guided by a professional captain and expert in marsh ecology.  Watch for dolphins and the many different birds and other animals that live in the marshes along our coast.  Before the trip is through the captain will deploy a small trawl net and collect an unknown assortment of fish, invertebrates, and who knows what else that calls the tidal creek home.  The boat Captain and your counselor will provide campers with as many answers as possible about what the net brings up from the bottom of the creek.
  • Tybee Time  
    Spend some time in small groups walking through Tybee’s shopping district looking for that perfect souvenir to remember your trip by while eating some fresh ice cream.  Wander out onto the pier to get a unique look back at the island, or see what the fisher-folks are catching.  Spend some time in the Tybee Island Marine Science Center aquariums and displays getting to know a bit about some of the exotic animals that live off the Georgia coast.
  • Crabs and Critters
    Campers will have the opportunity to see and handle a variety of native and nonnative animals ranging from blue crabs to corn snakes. This is a perfect opportunity for campers to learn about the life history of many Georgia animals, understand their role in the nature.  Through touching and handling of animals, and seeing how 4-H center staff care for these animals, campers can develop a greater appreciation of taking care of animals in the wild and in their own homes.
  • Shark Dissection
    Work with a few good friends to dissect a shark, learn about its parts, its habits and the role it plays in its natural environment.
  • Talent Show
    The traditional 4-H entertainment show!  Bring your guitar, skit idea, singing voice, and sense of humor for an evening showcasing all the talent you can bring with you.  Be prepared to participate in an evening of fun provided by 120 of your new best friends.