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Georgia Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program


Our Mission:

The Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County (MGVOCC) supports the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service and strives to improve the quality of life in our community by delivering research-based horticultural information, educational programs and projects.

What do MGEVs do?

Master Gardener Extension Volunteers help educate homeowners and gardeners by answering their lawn and garden questions; diagnosing plant problems; recommending appropriate plants for specific growing conditions; and helping our community clients achieve satisfying results from their landscapes and gardens. MGEVs accomplish these goals by volunteering at the Master Gardener Help Desk; making site visits; giving presentations or lectures to the public; participating in annual public events, such as fairs, expos, and other Extension or Ask a Master Gardener events; teaching classes and workshops; and maintaining public gardens. MGEVs also get to play in the dirt at these demonstration and education gardens. 

Who can be a Master Gardener Extension Volunteer?

The MGEV program is open to adults with an interest in gardening and natural resource conservation, and a commitment to educating the community about gardening through volunteer service. 

How much time is involved in being a Master Gardener Extension Volunteer?

MGEV candidates must successfully complete a 50-hour training course, followed by a 12-month period during which they must contribute 50 hours of volunteer service to Cobb County MGEV and Extension projects. After completing the coursework and first 50 hours of service, MGEVs must contribute at least 25 hours of service on approved Cobb County MGEV and/or Extension projects each calendar year to remain active. 

What are the benefits of being a Master Gardener Extension Volunteer?

MGEVs enjoy the satisfaction of helping to beautify the county, educating community members, and elevating the quality of life for Cobb County residents. They also gain new friends, improve their gardening knowledge and skills, have opportunities for further training and advanced learning, and enjoy social gatherings with fellow MGEVs.  


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How To Apply

  • 2025 Applications Will Be Avaliable in July 2024- Stay Tuned For Details