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Soil Testing

Soil-Tests Available:


  • Basic Soil Test..........................$9.00 per sample               (Includes pH, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, and includes personalized recommendations)
  • Organic Matter Test.................$10 per sample                (Loss on ignition, LOI)
  • Total Elemental Analysis..........$30 per sample (P,K,Ca,Fe,Mg,Mn,Mo,B,Cu,Ni,Na,S,Zn,Al,As,Cd,Cr,Pb) Periodic Table
  • Potting Media Testing...............$40 per sample               (pH, P,K,Ca,Mg, Nitrate (NO3-N), Ammonium (NH4-N) Soluble Salts)
  • Insecticide Analysis..................$100 per sample                  (Contact office for details) 
  • Herbicide Analysis....................$100 per sample                   (Contact office for details)
  • Nematode Testing Available (Click here for instructions)

*ATTENTION* Each soil test requires at least one pint of soil to be performed. Additional testing services are  available, please contact  the Cobb County Extension office for more information. Pricing as shown above includes shipping, and is current for Cobb County as of 5/25/2018. Soil tests are sent to the lab every Friday morning, results  take 7-10 business days to be  emailed back. 

Soil test bags

When Should I do A Soil-Test?

    Here in Cobb people often call or come into the office with questions regarding problems with their grass, trees, gardens, and other plants.  For us to provide the most accurate information, we will typically ask if a soil-test has been done. Plants are living organisms and will sometimes get sick, or unhealthy just like us. Like having our vitals taken when we go to the doctor, the soil-test results give us a base line of accurate information to help with our prognosis and suggestions.

       If you are pre-planning an area for things like sod, trees, vegetables, or ornamentals, it is important to do a soil-test as early as possible. Depending on the results some amendments such as lime could take several months to affect the soil. The basic soil-test in Cobb County is $8.00 and will provide the soil pH, primary nutrient content, and personalized recommendations to amend the soil based on the selected crop. For accurate instructions on how to take a soil-test click here.

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