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  • Welcome to the garden
    Welcome to the garden
  • Bumblebees and marigolds
    Bumblebees and marigolds
  • Pollinators at work
    Pollinators at work
  • Goldfinches visit the garden too
    Goldfinches visit the garden too
  • A Julia Child rose
    A Julia Child rose
  • The corn is as high as an elephant's eye
    The corn is as high as an elephant's eye
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Green Thumb Lecture Series

From February through November, Athens-Clarke County Extension offers free monthly gardening classes. These classes normally take place at the Extension office on the designated dates from 6-7:30 pm.  Intended for gardeners of all experience and skill levels, the monthly classes will cover a variety of topics such as seasonal vegetable gardening, composting, beekeeping, and more.  

To view upcoming Green Thumb Lectures and to register, please visit

Our 2021 Green Thumb Lectures are all online this year. We ask that you register for each class so that we may send reminders and any handouts or materials for the class. The specific link to join the Zoom meeting will be sent to the email with which you register.

Archived Sessions - We would like to invite you to view recordings of our previous online sessions.  You may access these classes from the links below:

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Shades of Green Newsletter

Shades of Green is a monthly newsletter in electronic format produced by the Athens-Clarke County Cooperative Extension "from gardeners to gardeners".  The newsletter offers information specific to local gardeners, including:  seasonal articles, gardening tips, and a schedule of events of interest.  Submission of questions, as well as the sharing of photos and information is encouraged.  You may call (706) 613-3640, or email for additional information or to be added to the mailing list.

description of and order form for There is a Season cookbook

There is a Season is a community collaboration and educational fundraiser for Athens-Clarke County Extension.  Proceeds from the sale of this publication will support the continued work of ACC Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources programming. 

There is a Season order form


"There are many dozens of cookbooks available today and most contain delicious sounding recipes, often drawn from various cultures.  So, why publish another one?  Take a quick look at just the Introduction and the answer is obvious.  There is a Season is much more than a cookbook, though it certainly contains alluring seasonal recipes.  There is a Season is really all about food with insightful essays on how to produce it in home gardens; the value of gardens to introduce children (and adults) to nature; and a fundamental connection to food, beyond packages in supermarkets.  Practical tips on rainwater harvesting, composting, raised beds, refuge from pesticides for pollinators, growing and using medicinal plants, and evocative poetry "seasons of grief, love, and hope embedded in seeds", are all essential parts of this beautiful work."

Ron Carroll, Ph.D., Professor Ecology-Emeritus, Odum School of Ecology

Publisher's Note

"There is a Season is no ordinary cookbook!  The seasons are based, not just on a calendar, but on cycles of life which are the sources of our nourishment.  Patterns of positive intentional behavior are woven into the original art, recipes, anecdotes and other content.  Each section has been carefully selected to reflect what nature has to offer us as it relates to individual health, environmental stewardship, and community connection."

Rita R. Mathew, CPA, Founding Member RTA Consulting, LLC, Athens, GA

There is a Season contains:

  • Over 240 local and exotic recipes
  • Contributions from highly respected authors, and
  • Original artwork from award winning artists.


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