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4-H Judging Teams

Judging Teams

Athens-Clarke county offers the following judging teams in which students may participate in learning activities and competitive events.

  • Consumer Judging - In consumer judging students learn to compare the quality and price of items to make a wise consumer choice for a given situation.  Practices for this competitive event begin in early October to prepare for the competition in November.  Students meet weekly at the 4-H office to learn about the items, situations, and how to give an oral justification for their comparison.
  • Poultry Judging - In poultry judging students will learn how to examine and grade eggs for exterior quality, as well as broken out and candling for internal quality.  Students will learn to identify the butcher cuts of ready to cook poultry as well as how to grade ready to cook meats.  They will also learn to identify the physical characteristics which indicate that a hen is a quality producer of eggs.  Practices for this April competition will begin in March. 
  • Forestry Judging - In 4-H forestry judging students learn about one of Georgia's most valuable resources.  Participants learn to identify trees, insects, and diseases.  They also participate in compass and pacing activities and learn how to estimate volume of timber harvest.  Workshops are held at the 4-H office throughout the summer for this September competition.
  1. Intro to tree and leaf identification
  2. photo of leaf sample and brief description of trees which may present in the contest
  3. how to use a compass
  4. insects detrimental to forest
  5. diseases of the forest
  • Wildlife Judging - In wildlife judging students will learn about wildlife concepts, wildlife management practices, to identify native species,  to evaluate habitats, and to make recommendations for modifications for habitats to benefit the target species.  Workshops to prepare for this competition will meet at the 4-H office and begin during the summer vacation.