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Picture of Chicken Sculpture in front of Extension OfficeA big thank you to Jessica Smith and Flagpole Magazine for spotlighting one of the latest sculptures installations in Athens. It sits right in front of our office, and it truly is a celebration of the work we get to be a part of here in UGA Extension! Artists David Hale, David Harrison and Peter McCarron made up the team that created this sculpture. Come by our office to get a closer look at the incredible detail!

Extension Office Hours 

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm.

For general extension questions, contact us at 706-613-3640 or email  

Extension agents are listed below with their subject area and you may contact them directly for program-specific questions. 

Soil and water testing: For instructions on how to submit your soil samples or information about water sampling, please call 706-613-3640.

Residential Composting

The Extension office has become an added location for Athens-Clarke residents to drop off compostable items free of charge. Many items not allowed in the normal recycling stream can be composted including greasy pizza boxes and food items like meats. Please visit for a complete list of items that can be composted. Composting items will reduce materials going to the landfill and will produce rich soil. Our composting bins are usually located behind our office building. However, they are currently being washed and sanitized making them unavailable at this time. Check back in for updates!

Extension Serves the Entire Community

Athens-Clarke County Extension offers a wealth of information and services for residents of our county. Agents and trained support staff provide educational programs as well as many services. Our Agriculture and Natural Resources agent offers landscape and gardening information to residents, Master Gardener, and other classes as well as water and soil testing and access to UGA informative publications. Our 4-H agent creates and organizes youth educational programs including competitive events which will assist young people to develop citizenship, leadership, responsibility, and life skills through experiential learning. Our Family and Consumer Science agent offers and designs educational programs for the community's needs, provides information you can trust on money, home, health, food, and family, and oversees the SNAP-Ed program which helps families on a budget learn to eat healthy.

Agriculture & Natural Resources

4-H Youth Development

Family & Consumer Sciences

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Athens-Clarke County Outdoor Watering Schedule

Due to improved conditions, Athens-Clarke County has eased watering restrictions and the non-drought outdoor water use schedule is in effect. You may visit Athens-Clarke County Public Utilities for complete information regarding allowable schedules for uses of water outdoors. You may refer to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for statewide outdoor water usage. Remember every drop counts.

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Do You Need a Speaker?

UGA Extension Athens-Clarke County agents and trained volunteers are available to present educational programs of interest to your group or organization.  We offer programs tailored to fit your needs. Topics include landscaping, home gardening, healthy lifestyles, nutrition, food safety, 4-H youth development, and more. Our educators keep busy schedules so it is important to make a speaker request as early as possible to get a spot on our calendar. You may contact us through the form below or consult our Contact Us page to access the contact information for a specific staff member. We look forward to working with you.

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