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Project Achievement


What is Project Achievement?

Project Achievement is a public speaking competition for 4th-12th grade students. Select a topic that YOU are interested in to share with your fellow 4-H'ers, develop your confidence, and meet new friends from across the state at the district competitions. Project areas include but not are limited to: dog care and training, sports, history, arts & crafts, outdoor recreation and more! Would you rather cook and be evaluated like the chefs on the Food Network? Compete in one of our many cooking projects including Better Breakfast, Dairy Foods, Pizza, and Festive Foods for Health. Are you in to the performing arts instead? Compete in performing arts instrumental, vocal, or general project area! Project Achievement is for everyone! See the project lists for your grade level below:

Cloverleaf- 4th-6th grade

Junior- 7th-8th grade

Senior- 9th-12th grade


Cloverleaf Project Achievement

This competition is for 5th and 6th grade students.  Students choose a topic from the project list and present an illustrated demonstration (speech).  Speeches should be 4 to 6 minutes in length and use posters or other visuals to emphasize key points.  Please note exception to speech (Performing Arts, food labs, creative stitchery) listed on the Cloverleaf Project list.


Junior Project Achievement

Project Achievement for junior (7th and 8th grade) 4-H'ers is a two part competition - portfolio and speech.  A portfolio is a 2 page document listing the activities in which the student has participated within the calendar year.  The portfolio is worth 40% of the student's score.  Students also present a 7-9 minute illustration demonstration about a topic of interest to them.  (Exceptions - performing arts projects, food labs, and fashion review.)  Demonstration value is 60% of total score.

Portfolios must be submitted to the 4-H office by the announced December due date each year.  Students will then present their demonstrations at District Project Achievement at the Rock Eagle 4-H Center in March.

Students will find the following information helpful to prepare for project achievement:

  • Finding your way to Junior Project Achievement
  • Junior project list
  • Portfolio guidelines
  • Junior portfolio outline
  • Junior portfolio cover
  • Sample junior portfolio - this is not a real portfolio, but one created as an example for student guidelines.  Faces on this example photo page are obscured but would not be on a real portfolio.



Senior Project Achievement

Project Achievement for senior (high school) 4-H'ers is also a two part competition.  For seniors each component is valued at 50% of total score.  Senior 4-H'ers who win at the district project achievement will advance to State 4-H Congress in July.

  • Senior Project list
  • Finding your way to Senior Project Achievement
  • Certification page


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