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Newsletters, 4-H Forms and Other Information



Newsletters with all the news of 4-H events that have recently happened or will happen in the near future are distributed in 4-H meetings at the schools.  Newsletters will also contain details of contests that students can enter.  We publish newsletters for the months that meetings occur for the particular grade level.  There is a separate newsletter and meeting schedule for 5th grade and middle school students.

4-H Forms

When a 4-H member participates in an event outside of the school the Code of Conduct and medical information forms must be completed.  The Code of Conduct states behavioral expectations and consequences that one would incur if they choose not to follow the COC.  It must be read and signed by both the student and a parent/guardian. The COC will be in effect for a year and kept on file at the 4-H office.   The medical information, which gives preliminary information in case of an emergency must be completed by the parent.  A new medical information form must be completed for each 4-H event as information may have changed. 



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