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Communicating with Your Teen

As a parent, you know that the topics of relationships and sex are important ones to discuss with your children. But just because the topic is important does not make it easy to talk about. These publications, a part of the “Principles of Parenting” series, offer tips for helping you talk with your teen in ways that will help him or her make wise and healthy choices.

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Teaching Relationship Smarts

Relationship Smarts is a research-based curriculum that incorporates hands-on activities to focus on skills and knowledge necessary for healthy dating relationships. The curriculum, developed by The Dibble Institute, offers developmentally appropriate information that address identity development, personal goals and values, what healthy (vs abusive) relationships look like, current relationship dynamics, important communication skills, and the promotion of future-orientated thinking about relationships.

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ELEVATE for Couples Elevate is a couples education curriculum that blends practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills.

NERMEN We support Extension educators and professional partners who are working with youth and adults to enrich couple relationships.

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