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When people become educated about financial management, they become empowered to live a better life. UGA Extension's basic financial capability programs are designed to help consumers plan their spending to meet their needs, wants and goals today and in the future.

UGA Extension also offers programs to help consumers improve credit scores, get out of debt and rebuild credit after bankruptcy. Preventive education helps consumers use credit wisely and avoid problems before they start.

We provide resources to help people understand wealth accumulation, protection, and distribution, including estate planning, insurance and investing.

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  • UGA Volunteer Income Tax Assistance UGA VITA offers free tax help to people with moderate incomes, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and limited English speaking taxpayers throughout Georgia.

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Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs Information and advocacy for Georgia residents.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Governmental site that makes consumer complaint stories public.

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  • Free tax prep aids Georgians Free tax prep aids Georgians Free tax prep helps Georgians save over $600,000 Published: 06/15/22
  • Return on Investment Return on Investment Uncertain economic returns for smallholder farmers using fertilizer in sub-Saharan Africa may account for low adoption rates due to variable growing conditions year over year. Published: 06/09/22
  • High Food Prices High Food Prices Production costs aren't the only culprit in higher grocery prices, with gas prices, labor costs and other increases being passed on to the consumer. Published: 05/26/22
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