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UGA Extension helps families thrive with information for professionals and adults on fostering healthy couple relationships, positive parent-child relationships and the care of aging adults.

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ELEVATE for Couples Elevate is a couples education curriculum that blends practical skills with an understanding of the physiology of human interaction to enhance healthy relationship knowledge and skills.

NERMEN We support Extension educators and professional partners who are working with youth and adults to enrich couple relationships.

UGA College of Family and Consumer Sciences Learn more about the College of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Georgia.


PREPARE is a research-based program designed to help couples build a stronger and happier marriage. The program consists of at least six 2-hour sessions that focus on (1) your strengths/growing areas; (2) communication; (3) managing conflict; (4) family life experiences; (5) financial plans and budgeting; and (6) setting goals. Participation in the PREPARE program requires that you and our partner complete an online inventory which will identify your strengths as a couple and areas of growth in a variety of areas that matter in healthy marriages. This information is then used to help facilitate discussion during each session.

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  • Farm Stress Farm Stress The 2023 Farm Stress Summit, held at Mercer University this week, brought together farmers, government officials, community leaders, health care specialists, university faculty and program staff from around the state to learn more about the unique stressors farm families experience and strategies for building a network of support. Published: 03/23/23
  • Farm Stress Summit Farm Stress Summit The 2023 Farm Stress Summit will be held in Macon, Georgia, March 20. Published: 03/08/23
  • ELEVATE relationship education ELEVATE relationship education ELEVATE, a free relationship education program for couples in the state of Georgia, aims to help couples connect, have fun and develop skills that will strengthen their relationship. Published: 02/13/23
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