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North Georgia is the center of the state's apple industry. Unlike those from other states, Georgia apples are sold primarily for the fresh market. From late summer to early winter, Georgia's apple houses are bustling with business.

An apple's size, shape, and color depend on the variety. Georgia's most popular varieties include Ozark Gold and Paulard, (July and August); Red Delicious and Golden Delicious (July through December); Rome Beauty and Mutzu Crispin (August through December); Empire, Jonagold and Jonathan (August through September); and Arkansas Black, Fuji, Granny Smith, Stayman Winesap and Yates (October through December).

UGA Extension provides both producers and home gardeners a variety of information to help have the best output with the least amount of labor possible.

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  • Home Garden Series: Home Garden Apples (C 740) Apples are adapted to most areas of Georgia. Although the northern half of the state is best suited for the more "conventional" apple varieties, you can have success in the southern half of Georgia wi…


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Institute of Plant Breeding, Genetics and Genomics IPBGG faculty actively engage in training of graduate students, the development of new crop varieties, and basic research on the genetics and understanding of crop traits important to agriculture and human kind.

Sustainable Agriculture at UGA Brings together information on sustainable agriculture including organic agriculture, pollinators, and other resources.

UGA Department of Horticulture Learn more about the horticulture department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

UGA Department of Plant Pathology Learn more about the plant pathology department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Commodity Teams at CAES Teams made up of research scientists and extension specialists work together to provide the latest technology and information for efficient, profitable production of some of Georgia's most valuable commodities.

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Apples are Peaking; Choose the Best Preservation Method Information regarding several methods of apple preservation.

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Top Apple Producers
County Name Value
Gilmer $4,995,000
Fannin 4,230,000
Haralson 315,000
Hall 290,250
Polk 50,000
Walker 10,800
Macon 10,800
Habersham 3,600
Gordon 945
State Total: $9,906,395

Displaying farm gate values for 2022. Values are tallied in October for the previous year.