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From herbicide resistant pigweed to Asiatic soybean rust, boll weevils to kudzu, invasive species are a prevalent and persistent problem in Georgia. Fighting these unwanted interlopers costs farmers, local governments, and the state millions each year. UGA Extension and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences are working to combat this problem from all angles.

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UGA-affiliated sites

Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health Offers a primer on invasive species concerns, an extensive catalog of these species, publications, maps of species' ranges, instructional videos and text, suggestions for detection control, description of management area programs, and links.

CAES Hot Topics: Invasive Species Catalogs invasive species news stories.

Impact Statements: Invasive Species Descriptions of Extension efforts to improve knowledge and practices in this area.

UGA Department of Entomology Learn more about the entomology department at the UGA College of Agricultural of Environmental Sciences.

External sites

National Invasive Species Information Center Offers a catalog of invasive species viewable by geography or classification.

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  • Unwelcome Visitors Unwelcome Visitors UGA’s Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health is working to track — and eliminate — some 4,300 nonnative insects, plants and animals that are wreaking havoc on the environment and the economy. Published: 12/26/19
  • Island Apple Snails Island Apple Snails Huge invasive snails have crossed over from Florida into Georgia. Published: 08/22/19
  • Joro Spiders Joro Spiders Joro spiders making north Georgia yards look extra spooky this year. Published: 10/11/18
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