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Cattle are raised in all 159 counties of Georgia, so the beef industry has a large impact on the state's economy.

Georgia-raised cattle descend from stock in Europe, Africa, and South America. Breeds including Angus, Charolais and Simmental are the cornerstone of the multi million-dollar Georgia beef industry.

UGA Extension faculty regularly answer questions on reproduction, nutrition, herd health, economics, drought management and other topics related to raising cattle.

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  • Hay Replacement Rations for Cows and Early Weaned Calves (B 1297) Drought can have a double impact on cattle producers. Not only is forage limited during the grazing months, but also the production of hay is limited. With the lack of forage, both grazed and conserve…
  • Calf Health Basics (B 1500) Calf health is a key variable for calf growth and performance. Producers should not expect to know all calf health issues, causes, and the most successful treatments. Instead, a producer's main goal s…
  • Bull Buyer's Guide (C 553) Bull procurement decisions can greatly impact your future calf crops and herd genetics for many years. Selecting and buying a herd bull is the quickest way to make genetic improvement in your herd. Th…
  • Impact of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR) on Reproduction in Cattle (B 1422) Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (IBR), commonly referred to as “Rednose,” is a disease resulting from bovine herpesvirus type 1 (BHV-1). The detriment of the disease, as well as the positive benefit…


UGA-affiliated sites

UGA Beef Team Provides instructional, research, and extension programming in the areas of food animal production, equine/companion animal management, and animal and medicinal biotechnology that addresses critical issues, such as cost of production, profitability, human and animal health, environmental stewardship, bioethics, and animal well-being.

Commodity Teams at CAES Teams made up of research scientists and extension specialists work together to provide the latest technology and information for efficient, profitable production of some of Georgia's most valuable commodities.

Sustainable Agriculture at UGA Brings together information on sustainable agriculture including  management intensive grazing and other resources.  

Southeast Cattle Advisor Disseminates science-based marketing and production risk management information to Southeastern cattle producers, county agents, allied industry members, livestock market managers, ag lenders, veterinarians, and consultants.

UGA Department of Animal and Dairy Science Learn more about the animal and dairy science department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

External sites Provides results of current beef and cattle research, as well as food safety information and links to other key industry websites. Produced by National Cattlemen's Beef Association for consumers, the industry, media professionals, and cattle producers.

Georgia Beef Home page of Georgia's Beef Industry featuring links to The Georgia Beef Board, Georgia Cattlemen's Association, Georgia Cattlewomen's Association, and Georgia Junior Cattlemen's Association.

USDA Livestock and Grain Market News Portal Feeder and replacement auction reports for the state of Georgia.

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UGA Beef Team The University of Georgia's Beef Team is comprised of faculty members that are directly involved in beef cattle education.
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  • Adaptive Farming Solutions
    Adaptive Farming Solutions When a half-ton bale of hay fell off a wagon in 2019, striking the back of Donald Adams’ head, the future of his family farm fell into immediate uncertainty. Published: 07/03/24
  • UGA Beef Team
    UGA Beef Team Poultry may perch atop the agricultural food chain in Georgia, but beef production brought $658.6 million to the state’s economy in 2021. Published: 11/01/23
  • Hill Awards
    Hill Awards The Walter Barnard Hill Awards recognize sustained, distinguished, superb achievement and contributions to improving the quality of life in Georgia or elsewhere. Published: 04/19/23