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Welcome the Paulding County Extension School Garden Resource Page

UGA Extension has great resources for educators on school gardens.  The first step is to make a plan for how to implement a new garden.  If you are considering starting a school garden you should take a look at this step by step guide for starting a school garden:
Steps in Starting a School Garden


The UGA School Garden Resource page also curates a great list of grant opportunities relevant to school gardens:
Grants for School Gardens

Explore more resources on the UGA School Garden Resource Page and sign up to receive timely updates from the UGA School and Community Garden Blog. 

Resources from the Paulding County Farm Bureau Middle School Educators Ag in the Classroom Workshop on Gardening

Food Safety Resources for School Gardens

School Garden Poster

School Garden Food Safety Practice Checklist

School Garden Good and Bad Practices Activity Photos

School Gardening Presentations

Soil Testing-Break the Fertilizer Code

Aquaponics and Hydroponics

Haybale Gardening