UGA Extension Office

Forms & Volunteer Information

On this page you will find 4-H'er Events Forms and UGA Volunteer Forms, or scroll down!

Event/Activity Forms for 4-H'ers

*The 4-H Screened Adult Leader in Charge/PC 4-H Office must have a current one for ALL 4-H'ers participating in an activities/events. They will be collected and then retained by the PC office afterwards. 

  • CODE OF CONDUCT - NEW! Parents will receive an online agreement in their email. 
    Updated each school year, student and adult signatures required.

    Note: New/updated one needed for each separate type of 4-H event.

  • *MEDICINE FORM - Update Coming Soon 

  • GENERAL REGISTRATION FORM (Non-5th grade classroom club form)
    Traditionally printed on cardstock and like all forms, are available in our Extension Office

Forms for Adult Volunteers to be Screened by UGA 

Required for all adults who will be transporting or working with any 4-H'ers who are not their own, and/or handling financial items in any way on behalf of 4-H/extension.

There will also be an additional email from UGA sent after initial screening requesting information for a background check. This is a mandatory part of the process to be approved as a screened volunteer.