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Monroe County Extension offers a wealth of information and services to residents of our county. Our Agriculture and Natural Resources programs provide research-based information, educational programming, and resources to homeowners and commercial clientele in a variety of areas. Water and soil testing information and access to UGA publications are available through our office as well.

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Upcoming Events
  • Dec 13 Lunch and Learn: Fruit Trees Join us for a free, virtual Lunch and Learn on the second Wednesday of each month. Grab your lunch, find a comfy seat and learn about an agricultural or natural resources topic. Area Peach Agent Jeff Cook will discuss how to have fruit trees including apples, pears and peaches that actually produce fruit.
    • Virtual Event
  • Dec 19 Virtual Series: Controlling Pests Organically If you have made the decision to go organic in your garden, you will not want to miss this webinar. Organic and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) go hand in hand, however just because the pesticide is on the organic list, doesn't make it safe for all living things. Learn about both the pros and cons and how to choose wisely. Gain insight on why pests target your plants and how IPM is a must for an organic grower. In addition, learn what makes a pesticide organic, the benefits to that and some of the drawbacks in treatment. You will also learn about some of the more common garden pests and how to treat for them organically.
    • Virtual Event
  • Jan 4 Good Bugs, Bad Bugs and a Few In-Between (Virtual Series) Insects have a terrible reputation as being harmful. However, most are harmless and many beneficial. This program will cover their importance in our environment and how we can’t possibly survive without their presence. Lisa Klein will also talk about some of the new invasives such as the “murder hornet”, Asian Giant Wasp and the Joro spider.
    • Virtual Event