Special Bulletin 63-4
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Like other agricultural enterprises, the tobacco industry has experienced a great deal of change in recent years and continues to evolve. Many challenges exist, including those associated with plant disease, soil fertility, insects, changing markets and global competition, all of which impact profitability. This report contains the most recent results of 2010 tobacco research and field trial programs at the University of Georgia.

Status and Revision History
Published on Jul 31, 2011
Published with Full Review on Jul 25, 2014

Stephen W Mullis Research Professional II, Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center Lara Lee Hickman Research Professional I, Plant Pathology Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan Associate Professor, Entomology Alexander S. Csinos Professor Emeritus, Plant Pathology Ronald D. Gitaitis Professor Emeritus: Bacterial Diseases of Vegetables, Plant Pathology Unessee Hargett Research Professional I, Plant Pathology Stevan S. LaHue Senior Agricultural Specialist, Tifton Campus J.Michael Moore Extension Agronomist - Tobacco, Crop & Soil Sciences Stanley K. Diffie Agricultural Research Coordinator II, Entomology Robert M. McPherson Professor Emeritus, Entomology Don M Hickey Farm Supervisor III, Plant Pathology
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