David R. Coyle, A. Brady Self, James D. Floyd, and John J. Riggins, Southern Regional Extension Forestry

Four species of Ips bark beetles (also commonly known as Ips engraver beetles or Ips beetles) occur throughout pure and mixed pine forests in the southeastern U.S.: the six-spined ips (Ips calligraphus), the pine engraver (Ips pini), the eastern five-spined ips (Ips grandicollis), and the small southern pine engraver (Ips avulsus). Ips beetles appear similar to other bark beetles in this region, including the southern pine beetle (SPB), black turpentine beetle, and red turpentine beetle. These beetles occur throughout the entire southeastern U.S., with the exception of the pine engraver and red turpentine beetle, which are found only in the Appalachian region.

Status and Revision History
Published with Full Review on Apr 30, 2018

Brent Peterson Director of Communications and Media, Regional Extension Forestry (SREF)
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