Your coop is ready. You've built a covered run or exercise yard to keep your chickens safe from predators and wild birds that carry diseases. Your chicks are old enough to move outside, and you're eagerly awaiting your first fresh eggs. In the meantime, your chickens are producing something else on a daily basis: manure. How do you handle all of that poultry poop so that your neighbors don't complain about the smell and the flies? One good answer is composting. Properly composted poultry litter—manure mixed with bedding material, such as pine shavings—is a valuable soil amendment. However, just as it takes care and management to get your chickens into laying condition, it takes care and management to compost the litter from poultry housing environments.

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Published on Aug 18, 2016

Casey W. Ritz Professor, Poultry Science Heather Kolich ANR County Extension Agent/CEC, Northwest District
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