Georgia's nurseries, greenhouses and turfgrass businesses are major contributors to Georgia's growing economy, to the beauty of Georgia homes and businesses, and to a better quality of life. When used appropriately, the products and services provided by these businesses enhance the environment of their customers. Thus, it only makes sense that these businesses should use management practices that are not damaging to natural resources and the environment. This publication is one tool that green industry companies can use to evaluate their management practices and design strategies for environmental compliance and pollution prevention.

Status and Revision History
Published on Jun 07, 2010
Published with Full Review on Jun 17, 2013
Published with Full Review on Mar 28, 2017

Matthew Chappell Associate Professor; Areas of Interest: Nursery production, Horticulture Sheryl Wells Public Service Representative, Biological & Agricultural Engineering Adam Speir County Extension Coordinator, Northeast District
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