UGA Extension Office

Diagnostic Services

We provide testing for:

Several services are offered through the Madison County Extension Office.

  • Soil Testing
  • Water Testing
  • Feed & Forage Testing
  • Seed Germination (Sent to Georgia Department of Agriculture Laboratory)
  • Weed Identification*
  • Insect Identification*
  • Plant/Crop Diseases*
  • Turfgrass Diseases*
  • Tree Disorders*
  • Plant Identification*

(an * denotes services that are usually free of charge)

Soil Testing -

  • Routine Soil Test - $8 (pH, fertility recommendations)

  • Organic Matter - $10

  • Other tests available upon request.  Contact our office for more information.


Here's a video with Walter Reeves describing the benefits and basics of soil testing.

Water Testing -  

  • Basic-$22.00 (Water Hardness, pH, minerals)
  • Expanded-$64

  • Bacteria-$38.00 (Total Coliform & E. Coli)
  • N0(Nitrate)- $12.00
  • N02  (Nitrite) - $12.00
  • Lead- $42.00

  • Home Loan Closing-$90

Other tests available upon request.  Contact our office for more information.


Please contact the Extension office at (706) 795-2281 prior to submitting water samples to insure proper sampling protocols are met.

Forage Testing -

  • F2 (Crude Protein, Total Digestible Nutrition, Relative Forage Quality (RFQ), & Nitrate) -  $22.00 
  • F14 (Nitrate only) - $14.00 


Other testing services:

Plant Tissue -

  • Plant Tissue Nutrient Testing- $27.00 (Used to troubleshoot crop production issues)

Pathology Analysis (Disease Identification) -

These samples are submitted to the UGA Plant Pathology Clinic.
  • Homeowner Samples - $10.00
  • Commercial Samples - Free

Soil & Water Pesticide/Trace Analysis - 

Our lab can determine possible pesticide or heavy metal contamination, these tests are expensive (~$100 per test), and you need to have some idea of what pesticide or heavy metal you're testing for.