UGA Extension Office

4-H Points

Points are earned after 4-H activities have been completed. The deadline to complete and hand in materials, for most activities, will be at the club meeting the following month. Newsletters and/or handouts will contain detailed information.

5th Graders

To earn points, place all the completed materials in the 4-H Collection Box that  your class has prepared or you may bring your completed materials to the 4-H office at 97 Sunset Drive in Danielsville.

6th-8th Graders

To earn points, turn in all the completed materials at your club meetings or you may bring it to the 4-H office at 97 Sunset Drive in Danielsville.

Deadline to hand in completed materials to earn points for this club year is April 26, 2021.

If you have any questions, call the 4-H office at 706-795-2281.

5th Grade Point Booklet

6th-8th Grade Point Booklet


4-H Virtual Classes offered by Junior & Senior 4-H'ers

Write a statement about what you learned, have your parent/guardian sign and date it and return it to the 4-H leaders. Remember to write your name, school and class/club on your paper to earn 4-H points credit. Each video can earn you 5 points.

Spray Painting Art

Kusudama Flower Origami

Making A Fantastic Pasta Salad

Mask Making & More 

Mindfulness Practices 

Trip to Uncle Remus Museum