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Georgia's rapid growth and varied ecosystems present residents with both environmental challenges and opportunities. An increasing population and expanding metropolitan areas put pressure on native wildlife and increase demands for food, water, and energy resources. Pollution from industry and agriculture threaten fragile ecosystems, and the state's variable weather — including devastating frosts, tornados, droughts and floods — add further complexity.

On the other hand, concerted local and state-wide efforts have demonstrated success in managing some of these issues. Increased awareness of Georgia's environmental assets and their potential to attract visitors and business to our state have spurred efforts to protect these resources. And finally, technological innovations like bioenergy create opportunities to both improve the environment and place Georgia in the forefront of the national effort to create more sustainable, more environmentally sound sources of fuel.

Topics in this section include:

  • Bioenergy
    Information about efforts to use plants and other organic materials as replacements for petroleum-based fuel sources.
  • Disasters
    Resources geared towards preparing for and coping with the aftermath of droughts, winter storms, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • Invasive Species
    Overview of controlling unwelcome, non-native plant, animal, and insect species.
  • Pollution
    Details about sources of pollution in Georgia, including water, soil, and air contaminants.
  • Water
    Topics related to water, including conservation and irrigation, are presented in this section.
  • Weather
    Information about the effects of climate on agriculture and the daily lives of Georgians.
  • Wildlife
    Links related to the variety of wild creatures found in Georgia.


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