Blueberries not only taste great, but they're also a good source of vitamin C, iron, and fiber. They're cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and an important source of potassium. Best of all, blueberries contain only 80 calories per cup.

Research concludes that the antioxidants in blueberries help protect the body against chronic diseases associated with aging. The folic acid may help guard against cervical cancer and may benefit the fetus during pregnancy. Blueberries, like cranberries, also help prevent urinary tract infections.

Rabbiteye blueberries are native to Georgia and make up most of our commercial production. Blueberries are harvested in Georgia from late May through mid-July. In Georgia blueberries are grown commercially primarily in the southern part of the state. And some are grown in the north Georgia mountains.

Under good management, blueberry bushes will produce some fruit the second or third year after transplanting. By the sixth year, they will yield as much as two gallons each. The yield will continue to increase for several years as the plants get larger.

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Organic Blueberry Program in Georgia Organic solutions to fertilization, weed, insect, and disease problems in blueberry production.

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Impact Statements: Blueberries Descriptions of Extension efforts to improve knowledge and practices related to blueberries.

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Georgia Blueberry Commission Supports research, education, and promotion programs on behalf of the state's growers.

North American Blueberry Council Industry members provide industry news, supplier contacts, and administers product seal program.


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  • Blueberry Crop February's warmer temperatures led Georgia's blueberry crop to bloom early, causing devastation during March's freezing temperatures. Published: 07/24/18
  • 40 Under 40 Curry has participated in UGA blueberry research trials while serving as Appling County Agriculture and Natural Resources agent. Published: 07/13/18
  • Blueberry Pest Field Day More than 70 farmers attend UGA annual blueberry integrated pest management (IPM) field day. Published: 02/28/18
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Top Blueberry Producers
County Name Value
Clinch $55,362,500
Appling 27,182,000
Lanier 8,389,700
Coffee 7,493,933
Brantley 6,491,000
Atkinson 5,554,615
Ware 4,900,000
Mitchell 4,488,000
McIntosh 4,153,500
Baker 3,683,000
State Total: $151,911,765

Displaying farm gate values for 2017. Values are tallied in October for the previous year.