Fruits and vegetables are Georgia's number-two cash crop, and the popularity of small fruits like blackberries, strawberries and citrus even extends further than commercial production.

Small fruits continue to be an important commodity, and UGA Extension provides both farmers and home gardeners a variety of information to help have the best output with the least amount of labor possible.

For information about home garden fruit production, see our Lawn & Garden: Fruits and Vegetables section.

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UGA-affiliated sites

Strawberry News Extension blog with production guides, IPM guide and current updates on strawberry production in Georgia.

Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium Newsletters related to the production and marketing of small fruits.

Impact Statements: Small Fruits Descriptions of Extension efforts to improve knowledge and practices in this area.

UGA Department of Horticulture Learn more about the horticulture department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

UGA Department of Plant Pathology Learn more about the plant pathology department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

External Sites

Blackberry and Raspberry Information (NC State) Instructional resources for commercial and home growers including production recommendations, pest management and weather information.

Georgia Strawberry Growers Association on Facebook Catalogs and links to state growers.

North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association Promotes raspberry and blackberry growth and consumption. Provides selection, storage tips and recipes for consumers. Provides research foundation, networking, and conferences for members.

North American Strawberry Growers Association Promotes research and represents growers' interests before regulatory and legislative bodies.

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  • Blueberry Production Nematodes are microscopic, worm-like parasites that attack the plant's roots. Published: 10/11/17
  • Leaning Trees Tropical Storm Irma made peach trees lean, but with support, they can be righted. Published: 09/29/17
  • Tomato Size Regulator UGA researchers pinpoint a mutation that triggered the development of the modern tomato from its tiny, berry-sized ancestor. Published: 08/24/17
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Farm Gate Values - All Commodities
County Name Value
Colquitt $549,415,892
Madison 466,829,268
Mitchell 391,002,108
Franklin 385,921,790
Hart 385,306,806
Tattnall 313,433,128
Jackson 297,342,492
Pulaski 292,594,077
Macon 283,821,490
Habersham 265,108,687
State Total: $13,943,558,220

Displaying farm gate values for 2016. Values are tallied in October for the previous year.