Hogs have been raised in Georgia for personal and commercial use since colonial times, and hogs continue to be a part of Georgia's historic and current agricultural heritage.

Many farmers in Georgia rely on swine production for part of their income, and UGA Extension provides research and resources to help those farmers. However, factors such as drought, economic pressure and industry consolidation have combined to make pork production a relatively small contributor to the state's agricultural revenues.

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Impact Statements: Swine Descriptions of Extension efforts to improve knowledge and practices related to swine.

UGA Department of Animal and Dairy Science Learn more about the animal and dairy science department at the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

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Georgia Pork Producers Summarizes environmental regulations governing Georgia's swine operations.

National Pork Board Provides current and historical market data. Certifies producers, transporters and handlers, and youth in pork quality assurance. Explains pork production careers and workplace safety and production issues, with an emphasis on health. Administers numerous marketing and promotion programs. Funds research.

Georgia Hogs An overview of hogs in Georgia, including industry history, present production, and feral hog problems.

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  • 2016 Flavor of Georgia Winners Flavor of Georgia 2016 wraps up with prizes for pies, sugar, sauce, sausage, cheese straws and more. Published: 03/17/16
  • Farmgate Value Report UGA's annual county-by-county survey allows the public and policy makers to get a clear picture of Georgia's agricultural value. Published: 10/29/15
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Top Swine Producers
County Name Value
Tattnall $27,021,223
Oglethorpe 22,741,335
Hart 13,588,410
Coffee 5,394,068
Carroll 4,390,125
Colquitt 4,350,000
Berrien 3,538,671
Floyd 3,045,000
Candler 2,824,200
Lamar 2,557,170
State Total: $118,443,229

Displaying farm gate values for 2016. Values are tallied in October for the previous year.