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Fulton Fresh

Fulton Fresh

UGA Extension Fulton County’s Fulton Fresh program is a multigenerational nutrition education program, which integrates youth, agriculture, and family and consumer science programming in an urban community. The goal of Fulton Fresh is to increase awareness and consumption of in-season, local produce through hands-on education focused on creating produce to be tasty and fun to make. By incorporating different generations, Fulton Fresh is playing a pivotal role in using local fruits and vegetables to combat childhood obesity in Fulton County by providing hands-on learning to promote and encourage fruit and vegetable consumption.

Fulton Fresh programs include:


Preventing Cancer Everyday

Join UGA Extension and Fulton Fresh as we show you how to eat a healthier plate, choose local veggies, the benefits of exercise and how to decrease your risk for cancer.  Please call 404-762-4116 or email