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Master Gardener Program


Master Gardener Program 2020 - General Information

  • Application process is September 1st - 30th 2019
  • Application deadline Friday, September 27, 2019 
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered
  • Interviews will be sometime in October 2019
  • Background check cost is $200, due by Nov. 4 2019
  • Checks are to be made payable to: Fulton County Extension/4-H
  • Classes will begin on January 2020
  • Classes are held once a week on Wednesdays, from  9:00 am -3:30 pm
  • Training is for 10 weeks straight ( January - April)
  • Participants will take a Mid-term Exam (DeKalb Ext.) & Final Exam (Gwinnett Tech)  
  • After Training Classes, interns will need to fulfill:
    • 25 volunteer hours of office work by Dec. 2020
    • 25 volunteer hours of community/project work by Dec. 2020
  • After completing all Training Classes and (50) volunteer hours, you will become a Certified Master Gardener!

                                                 ***All classes will be held at the DeKalb Extension Office***

                                                                                  4380 Memorial Dr., Ste. 200            

                                                                                  Decatur, GA 30032-1239

                                                    ***Final Exam will be held at Gwinnett Technical College***

                                                                                     5150 Sugarloaf Pkwy.

                                                                                   Lawrenceville, GA.  30043



Becoming a Master Gardener


The application process begins early September every year for Fulton County. We all work together to manage the training program but we all recruit and select our own volunteer trainees so you must apply in the county where you reside.

To be sure you are on our mail list for application information, contact us any time and make sure we have your home mailing address and your email. Contact is made by early September to let interested clientele know about the application process and the training schedule for the upcoming class.

All forms need to be completed, signed and returned to the Fulton County Extension Office by Friday, September 27th, 2019 at 3:00pm. You may turn in your materials to both our East Point and Sandy Springs locations. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered, so please review your materials carefully.

Applicants may be called for an interview during the ist two weeks of October 2019 (times and locations TBD). The program fee is $200.00 and after the interview, if you are selected, you will be asked to bring or mail payment (Money Order or Credit Card except American Express) to: Fulton County Extension/4-H. Please do not provide payment until your selection as a trainee is confirmed.

If selected, you will be notified by October 16th, 2019. Your payment will need to be received in our office by 5:00pm October 31st, 2019. There will be a mandatory orientation in early November, at which point you will receive your materials, meet your classmates and receive additional details about the class. Please email the completed application and volunteer agreement form with the subject line “MGEV 2019 App” to or mail to:

 UGA Extension – Fulton County ATTN: Yvette Davis
1757 Washington Road
East Point, GA 30344

Fulton County MGEV Application Class of 20

Volunteer Agreement Form

Training Timeline

  • Early September: Application process begins. Contact local offices early about the application process.
  • Early to mid-October: All applications due back for Fulton Extension program.
  • Late October to early November: Applicants are notified about their application status by mail.
  • First week of January: On ten (10) consecutive Wednesdays clases are held.
  • Early April: Training concludes and you attend a half day county orientation to prepare you for your volunteer duties.
  • By December: Trainees are scheduled to complete your 50 hours of volunteer service. 

Please contact Yvette Davis, if you would like additional information:   (404) 762-4077

The Master Gardener Program in Georgia is a volunteer training program designed to help University of Georgia Cooperative Extension staff transfer research-based information about gardening and related subjects to the public by training home gardeners. Master Gardener Extension Volunteers are active in many Georgia counties. Through this program, Cooperative Extension is able to reach out and serve more citizens with educational programming and demonstrations in 5 target areas.

State Initiatives

Environmental Stewardship – Increasing awareness and knowledge of landscape and garden management for the optimum use and protection of the environment, including management of all aspects of the residential landscape (soil, plants, insects, diseases, and wildlife), understanding and proper use of equipment, pesticides, fertilizers, and other landscaping inputs to have the greatest value with little negative impact on the environment.

Home Food Production – Teaching the benefits of home food production and developing skills and knowledge in growing food, managing community gardens, or contributing to food banks or kitchens.

Gardening with Youth – Increasing young people’s awareness and understanding of the value of horticulture and landscaping, using horticulture as a tool to increase responsibility and leadership for youth, and teaching individuals and professionals (i.e., teachers and therapists) how to use horticulture to reach young people.

Value of Landscapes – Developing within communities the knowledge and skill to ensure proper design, installation, and maintenance of sustainable landscapes for economic benefit to residents, state and local government employees and agencies, and professionals in impacted fields, such as tourism and real-estate development.

Health Benefits of Gardening – Teaching the value of the interior and exterior landscape for human health, well-being, and quality of life, transferring knowledge and skills to intended audiences so that they might utilize this information for personal health and a healthier workplace and community.

Volunteers benefit from the training, networking with other garden enthusiasts, and the opportunity to serve their communities. 


For more information on our Master Gardener Extension Volunteer program, please contact Melissa Mattee at