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Sustainable Agriculture


According to CAES' Sustainable Agriculture website, "sustainable agriculture means the practice of growing food, fiber, feed and fuel in systems that meet the needs of both the present and future generations. Sustainable agriculture emphasizes production and marketing practices that are profitable, environmentally sound, and that improve the quality of life for farmers, farm workers and the community. Sustainable agriculture systems rely on building healthy soils and crops, enhancing biodiversity, and minimizing the use of non-renewable resources."


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For the latest news about Extension, visit Georgia FACES. News you can use about Georgia family, agricultural, consumer and environmental sciences.


UGA-affiliated sites

  • Impact Statements: Sustainable Agriculture
    Descriptions of Extension efforts to improve knowledge & practices related to sustainable agriculture.
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    Offers extensive resources on aspects of production, including soil testing, production, conservation tillage, nutrient management, pest management, pollinators and management intensive grazing. Provides presentations of recent research. Supports small farm and local food entrepreneurs and provides them an FAQ. Includes news, events calendar, and links.

External sites

  • National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
    Organization promoting sustainable agriculture to federal regulatory bodies includes summaries of its activities alongside publications, resources for advocates, and press stories and blog.