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Pests and diseases in Georgia affect animals, plants, and humans. Some agricultural products even have the misfortune to suffer more than one kind of nuisance. In Georgia, pest management focuses on pests of crops, but pests of humans — from squirrels to coyotes — inevitably plague agricultural producers and urban residents alike, while parasites and viruses threaten livestock. Topics in this section include:

  • Nuisance Animals
    Suggestions for controlling raccoons, deer, armadillos, and other unwanted visitors.
  • Pests of Animals
    Discusses common viral and parasitic threats to the health and well-being of animals.
  • Pests of Humans
    Pests affecting humans, such as head lice, termites, and mice, are discussed.
  • Pests of Plants
    Insects and plant diseases are reviewed.
  • Weeds
    Resources for controlling unwelcome plants in lawns, gardens, and fields.


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