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Water Testing

We offer many different water tests through the UGA Douglas Extension office, but it is important to know your source and talk to your local Extension Agent to help determine what is best for you. The two primary sources of water for most Douglas County citizens are either private wells or Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority. Some of the main reasons that people consider doing a water test are odor, taste, color, mineral content, and general health knowledge. 

Our most common test are the W1 Basic Water test $25.00 requires 4 oz. of water and W2 Expanded Water test $65.00 requires 16 oz. of water.Special Instructions for W1 and W2 - Each water test has  to be taken from the source after the water has not   been in use for a minimum of  6-12 hours. Three to four cups of water should be collected in a clean glass or plastic container.

Additional Test Options

  • W33B - Home Loan Closing Water test: (Bacteria, Lead, Nitrite, and Nitrate) $95.00 ( $85.00 test & $10.00 overnight shipping label) Note: Special sampling instructions , please contact our office for more information.  770-920-7224
  • E. Coli Bacteria Water test  $46.00 ( pick up test kit from Douglas County Extension Office)

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