UGA Extension Office

Testing Services

Soil Analysis

Soil Samples are $10.00 per sample.

Soil sampling should be done well in advance of planting or spring green-up. This allows adequate time for sample analysis, data interpretation, and fertilizer and lime application.

  • Soil Samples should be air dried overnight before sending to the lab.

Sampling Procedure:

Collect 8-10 samples from the location, sample to a depth of 4 inches. Combine all your samples. The required amount of soil for the test is 1 pint of soil. Bring your sample to the Extension Office for submission to the lab. We have soil sample mailing bags at our office.

Soil Testing Information

Please contact the UGA Extension-Douglas County

office for more information: 770-920-7224


Water Analysis

  • W1 Basic Water test $25.00 requires 4 oz. of water
  • W2 Expanded Water test $65.00 requires 16 oz. of water

Special Instructions for W1 and W2, a first draw water sample will be collected. To do this, take the sample between a 6-12 hour period during in which time there was no water usage. Early morning or evenings upon returning home are the best sampling times. A kitchen or bathroom cold water faucet is to be used for sampling.

Testing for Water Quality

  • W33B - Home Loan Closing Water test: (Bacteria, Lead, Nitrite, and Nitrate) $95.00 ( $85.00 test & $10.00 overnight shipping label) Note: Special sampling instructions , please contact our office for more information.  770-920-7224
  • E. Coli Bacteria Water test  $46.00 ( pick up test kit from Douglas County Extension Office)

Coliform Bacteria in your Water

Other testing and analysis is available for additional fees. Such as:

  • Insect Identification
  • Plant Identification
  • Expanded Soil
  • Expanded Water
  • Hay