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  • Questions of the day!! Posted by Jeremy Kichler on Apr 1, 2024
    Mr. Kichler, can I plant one muscadine vine? This is an excellent question. Muscadine varieties are broken into four categories: two based on fruit color (black or bronze), and two based on flower type: perfect flowered (self-pollinating) and female. If you plan to grow only one vine, it can be black or bronze, but it […]
  • Home Tomato Tips Posted by Jeremy Kichler on Apr 1, 2024
    Springtime is in the air and everybody gets excited about gardening. Tomatoes are a popular vegetable in everybody’s garden. Tomatoes do best in a sunny location that receives at least eight hours of sunlight each day The first thing a gardener should do is get a soil test. It is just a guess unless you […]
  • How do I fertilize my figs? Posted by Jeremy Kichler on Apr 1, 2024
    One of my favorite fruits is figs. They are easy to grow and taste great. Figs are relatively pest-free but there are a couple of things such as fig rust and nematodes to watch out for. Although nitrogen is usually the only needed plant nutrient, other nutrients may be lacking in some areas. A soil […]
  • Centipede lawn tips. Posted by Jeremy Kichler on Mar 6, 2024
    Centipede lawns are ideal for homeowners who want a low-maintenance, great-looking lawn. County agents often do not receive calls from homeowners when their lawns look great.  I get calls when things are not so good.  Let’s discuss some common questions about centipede lawns. When do I apply fertilizer to my centipede? Good question. I would […]
  • Mapping the economic value of pollinators Posted by K Crosby on Feb 9, 2024
    By Sameeka Prabath Rajamani From beetles to butterflies, pollinators are a beautiful and integral part of nature. And these tiny creatures may be more economically important to agricultural and ecological systems than previously thought. In a recent project by the University of Georgia Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development, economist Sharon Kane and plant protection expert Becky Griffin have put together […]
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