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Grant Opportunities

These organizations provide funds to support school gardens. Awards are made either on an ongoing or periodic basis, depending on the organization.

  • SHAPE Grant Program  The Shape Grant Program from the Georgia Department of Public Health provides grant funding for schools expanding their physical activity and nutrition efforts.
  • Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation
    The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation promotes positive change in peoples’ lives and builds and enhances the communities in which they live. We seek innovative solutions that enable young people, families and communities to achieve results beyond what seems possible today.
  • Captain Planet Foundation
    The Captain Planet Foundation provides grants to support high-quality educational programs that enable children and youth to understand and appreciate our world through learning experiences that engage them in active, hands-on projects to improve the environment in their schools and communities.
  • Grant Wrangler
    Funding finder for K-12 school resources.
  • Garden Grants - KidsGardening
  • Fiskars - Project Orange Thumb (grant program)
  • School Gardens - Annie’s Homegrown, Inc.
    Annie's Grants for Gardens programs funds new and existing school garden programs across the United States.
  • Teacher Quality Grants (UGA)
    Teacher Quality grant projects provide opportunities for teacher professional development. Grant submission must include a partnership among teachers, education and subject-matter professionals, and may include other organizations such as non-profit foundations, museums, etc.Shap
  • Whole Kids Foundation - School Garden Grants Program