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Second Grade

This collection of lesson plans are specifically curated for the School Garden Resources project. They are aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.


Earth Science   Life Science   Physical Science   English & Language Arts   Math   Social Studies



Earth Science

Motions/Patterns of Celestial Bodies

Changes of Earth’s Surface

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Life Science

Life Cycles

In the Garden:

Garden Skills/Science:

Food and Food Systems:

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Physical Science

Changing Attributes of Materials

States of Matter

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English and Language Arts

Reading Informational

Reading Literary


  • Farmer at the Schoolhouse (PDF)
  • Journal and Discussion Prompts (PDF)
  • What's a Garden? (PDF)
  • Mid-cycle Prediction (PDF)
  • Homegrown Challenge (PDF)
  • Just Chew It (PDF)

Speaking and Listening

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Measurement and Data

Operations - Add, Subtract, Multiply

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Social Studies




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