UGA Extension Office


Interested in becoming a volunteer for Long County 4-H? We'd love to work with you! Listed below are documents you will have to fill out and give to us at the Extension Office. It is also important that you communicate with us as there are other components that will need to be completed as well. You must be at least 18 years old and at least complete the Volunteer Agreement form. If you'd like to work with youth, the online Volunteer Application must be completed. The Volunteer Application includes background info., interests, 3 non-related references, passing a background check, and completing an online training called Georgia 4-H: Working with Youth & Managing Risk. If you'd like to be a Volunteer driver, you must also pass a Motor Vehicle screening that is included through the Volunteer Application.

For more information regarding volunteering such as mentoring a student with Project Achievement, chaperoning at 4-H Camp, being a judge or coaching a SAFE Shooting Sports team, visit the Volunteer page on the Georgia 4-H website. 

Become a 4-H Volunteer!

Volunteers help grow our future leaders and Long County 4-H is always in need of help to assist in 4-H Clubs, community events and chaperoning youth on various trips.


5 Reasons to Volunteer with 4-H:

1.    Develop New Skills (Become certified in one of the 4-H Project Club areas)

2.    Help a cause that you are passionate about

3.    Meet new people

4.    Connect with local community

5.    Expand your horizons


We need Volunteers!

We'd really like to start a club back up that we used to have in the county. Some of the clubs the students have been requesting are Archery, Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging, Poultry and Horse Club. 4-H relies a lot on local community support to make the organization fun, inclusive and widely representative. If you are interested in serving our youth, please stop by the Extension Office or give us a call. There are many different ways we could use your help in building the next generation of leaders!