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Forage Video Links

Below you will find links to various pasture and forage educational presentations created by forage professionals across the Southeast Region. Feel free to click on the link to watch and learn about each category.

Native Grasses

Dr. Brett Rushing, Mississippi State University covers production and management of native warm season grasses.

Native Grass


Dr. Marcelo Wallau, University of Florida discusses the establishment and management of Bahiagrass.



Dr. Jennifer Tucker, University of Georgia - Tifton covers establishment and management of Bermudagrass.


Tall Fescue

Dr. Gary Bates, University of Tennessee UTIA covers establishment and management of tall fescue.

Tall Fescue

Stockpiling Perennial Grasses

Dr. John Jennings, University of Arkansas CES covers stockpiling perennial grasses.


Cool-Season Annuals

Dr. Leanne Dillard, Auburn University covers production and management of cool-season annuals for extending the fall grazing season.