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Judging Teams & Competitions

Judging and Quiz Bowl Teams are open to students currently enrolled in the Lamar County 4-H Program.  There are specific grade requirements for each team.  Team members will attend weekly practices learning various skills and information that will be put to the test at area, district or state competitions. For more information, please call the office at 770-358-5163 or email the 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent at  The judging teams and quiz bowls that are offered through the Lamar County 4-H Program are:

  • Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging: 4-H'ers learn about cotton as an agriculture commodity in our state as well as to promote cotton through commercials or advertisements.  4-H'ers gain skills in making rational decisions when purchasing goods and services while maximizing resources.  Practices begin in September with students competing at the area competition in October.  Cotton Boll and Consumer judging is open to 5th-12th graders.
  • Forestry Judging: 4-H'ers learn how to ID native trees, insects, and diseases as well as how to cruise timber in order to obtain an estimate for timber sale, how to use a compass, and how to utilize their pace to measure distance.   Practices begin in June or July with students competing at the area competition in September.  Forestry Judging is open to 5th-12th graders.
  • Horse Quiz Bowl: This is a team where students learn about a variety of equine topics, such as anatomy, breed information and characteristics, conformation, feed and nutrition, evolution, reproduction, horse management, way-of-going, tack and equipment styles of riding, and exhibition of horses. Teams will learn to work together to deliver answers to team questions, and how to be competitive on the buzzer during toss up questions. Teams of either four or five members from one county compete in a game show type format and answer questions related to equine subject matter.  Practices begin in late September or early October with students competing at the state competition in January.  In Lamar, Horse Quiz Bowl is open to 5th-8th graders.
  • Land Judging: Land Judging teaches youth how to evaluate soils and understand best land uses in a fun, hand-on environment. Land Judging is all about doing!  Youth determine soil properties by getting their hands dirty.  Practices begin in June or July with students competing at the area competition in August.  Land Judging is open to 5th-12th graders.
  • P.E.E.P. Squad (People Excited about Eggs and Poultry): The Poultry Judging Team is where students learn how to judge live hens, grade eggs, grade ready to cook poultry, and identify poultry parts. It also provides experience in organizing thoughts and defending decisions with oral reasons. In this contest, 4-H'ers learn to rank laying hens based on standards and quality, 4-H'ers will evaluate the chickens and tell why they think one is better than the other.  Practices begin in late February with students competing at the area competition in April.  P.E.E.P. Squad members are in grades 5 - 12.
  • Wildlife Judging: Team members gain an appreciation for wildlife and they are challenged to manage wildlife habitats and preserve this valuable resource. 4-H'ers learn wildlife identification, habitat requirements, and how to preserve an area to encourage wildlife growth.  Practices begin in March with the state competition taking place in May.  Wildlife Judging is open to 5th-12th graders.

4-H Judging and Horse Quiz Bowl Team