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Ready for a fun, competitive day at Rock Eagle? One of our largest programs is Cloverleaf Project Achievement. Project Achievement is one of the largest, most exciting, challenging and rewarding programs offered by Georgia 4-H. 4-H’ers choose a project area of interest, research a topic, then write and present an oral presentation to others. For Cloverleaf 4-H’ers, students in grades 4-6, this process is about hands on learning, self confidence, and sharing knowledge. Below is a link with more information. We will be competing November 13 at Rock Eagle. We will have workshops Thursday, October 21st & 28th , 3:30-5:00 at the 4-H office. To help prepare for this competition in September we are doing the Write Stuff Contest. This is a contest where students write a 1 page (typed)/ 2 page (handwritten) paper on whatever they want (a favorite hobby, their pet, a memory, something interesting they learned, etc.). We then use those papers for District Project Achievement. We use the Write Stuff Contest to get the students started and then if they want to they can use it for Project Achievement.

Competition: February 2023

Workshops: TBA Winter/Spring 2023

Click here to learn more about Georgia 4-H Cloverleaf Project Achievement