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Extension provides research-based information to the row crop farmer, the commercial landscaper, the homeowner and the home gardener by reaching out in a variety of ways.

Many services are free.  Classes often carry a registration fee.  Some services have minimal charges that are subject to change. Please contact our office for current pricing.


Soil Sampling

How to Take a Soil Sample: Soil Testing for Home Lawns, Gardens, Wildlife Food Plots

  • Standard - These will tell you how to lime and fertilize your plants for good growth. Cost: $8.00 per sample
  • Pesticide/Chemicals - These are expensive ($100 or more) and usually not necessary to diagnose a problem.

Water Sampling

Recommend test for household well drink water:

EXPANDED WATER TEST (W2) Designed to address common well water problems in Georgia such as corrosion, high levels of iron and manganese, saltwater intrusion, and nitrate from various sources. This test package should be done at least once before using a less inclusive test package such as W1.

BASIC WATER TEST (W1) Only after a W-2 has been conducted. Annually.


LEAD (W9) If your house was built before 1985, pipes could contain lead solder which could leach into your drinking water. Initial + semiannually.


Other Common Samples Processed:

Plant Tissue, Nematode, Lagoon and Manure, Forage, etc.

For a complete list of testing services, please visit the Agricultural and Environmental Services Labatories Fee Schedule. (some shipping cost may apply)

Plant, Insect and Disease Identification

At the agents' discretion, a sample can be sent to the diagnostic labs. The goal is to identify the problem so as to reach a solution. Some cost may apply.

Houston County Agriculture and Horticulture Blog

Charlotte Meeks, county ANR Agent has started a blog she will be updating weekely. The blog will consist of articles, tips and information regarding agriculture and horticulture. Please click HERE to be taken directly to her blog.



Farm Gate

The Farm Gate Value Report is compiled from a survey of Georgia Cooperative Extension county agents and commodity specialists for the purpose of providing annual county-level information for the value of all food and fiber commodities grown in the state.

We hope that the 2014 Georgia Farm Gate Value Report will be a useful reference tool. This data may be accessed online at Individual county reports may be downloaded at  



    2014 Houston County Farm Gate Value

    Ornamental Horticulture        $1,590,500.00

    Fruit & Nuts                              $8,496,614.40       

    Forestry Related                       $1,896,835.00

    Agritourism                                               0.00

     Poultry & Eggs                          $9,818,424.00

     Livestock & Aquaculture          $3,972,780.15

     Row & Forage Crops               $15,946,524.16

     Vegetables                                   $212.376.00

     Other Income                             $2,480,730.00

Total Farm Gate Value For 2014 Houston County: $44,414,783.71