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Project Achievement

What is Project Achievement?

4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H program. Students select a topic of interest and prepare a demonstration including visuals. As students progress the competition also includes a portfolio of yearly activities. Fifth grade students present as a part of in school 4-H programs and also have the opportunity to attend district competition. Older youth attend a weekend competition at Rock Eagle.  

Why participate in Project Achievement?

Project Achievement teaches you skills that allow you to stand out and enhance your abilities for your future career opportunities and college applications. The competition is centered around a topic of interest to you, so you will spend time learning about something you love and sharing with others. Senior (9th-12th grade) 4-Hers who place first go on to State Congress, an all expense paid week in Atlanta with more competition, tours, shopping, trip to Six Flags, formal banquets, and more! In addition, Project Achievement is not only a competition, but a weekend of fun with current and new friends!

Upcoming Events

  • November 2020: 4th-6th grade District Project Achievement
  • February 5-7, 2021: 7th-12th grade District Project Achievement

Different grades compete at different levels of competition. For more information select your grade below.

Parent Resources

You can learn more about 4-H Project Achievement and access resources to assist your child with this program on the Georgia 4-H website | Program Overview.

Educational Value and Learning Outcomes of Project Achievement

4-H Project Achievement and Georgia Educational Standards

4-H Project Achievement is a self-directed individual competition including presentations and, when age appropriate, a documented record of project work, leadership and service based on experiential learning activities. Youth beginning at age nine and continuing until nineteen have the opportunity to explore an area of interest and share their knowledge through a competitive process designed to meet youth development and age appropriate standards.  4-H Project Achievement participants develop research, writing, and presentation skills that help youth perform better in school related tasks and tests, become self-directed learners and contributing members of society and produces work ready young adults.  Projects are offered in more than 50 different areas with nearly every topic of interest or educational area available for exploration and presentation. Through the 4-H Project Achievement process, youth explore an area of interest, gain knowledge and skills in the area and prepare presentations and evidence of learning. This process builds not only skills related to the Georgia Performance Standards but also those directly related to Work Ready Georgia.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Acquire an understanding of a subject matter in a given project area
  • Develop skills in researching, assembling, and presenting information
  • Develop and enhance qualities of integrity, sportsmanship, cooperation and self-confidence
  • Develop skills in leadership, service and communication
  • (7th-12th) Develop skills in planning and conducting leadership and service activities
  • (7th-12th grade) Prepare written information highlighting personal accomplishments in project work, leadership & service