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Soil Testing

Soil Testing will help you develop and maintain a more productive garden by providing information about the fertility status of your soil.
Information from a soil test will help you select the proper liming and fertilization program to obtain the optimum growth of lawn, garden, ornamental and agronomic plants. With the growing prices of fertilizer and soil amendments, a soil test is a relatively cheap option that could potentially save you a lot of money.



Routine Soil Test: $10.00 per sample (includes postage)
Includes pH, Lime Requirement, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Manganese. At least a pint of soil is needed per soil sample to be tested. The lab cannot process samples that are less than a pint. Be sure to pull the soil sample from several spots at random to get a good representative sample. You may bring samples in a pint size plastic freezer bag (filled full) if you don't have a soil sample bag. Please follow the procedures for collecting soil samples below.

fileGeorgia clients are encouraged to visit their local Extension office for sample submission and consultation.
file Plant Tissue Analyses


W1 - Basic Water Test
pH, Hardness, P, K, Ca, Al, B, Cr, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Mo, Ni, SiO2, Na, Zn (Minimum Sample Amt.: 125mL) Fee: $20.00*  

W2 - GA. Expanded Water Test
(Required for water treatment design) W1-Basic, W3-Anions, W11-Soluble Salts, & W18-Alkalinity (Need 16 oz. /500 mL) Fee: $60.00*

W6 - Nitrate-N
(NO3-N) (Cd reduction colorimetric) (Minimum Sample Amt.: 125mL) Fee: $12.00*

*shipping cost not included


Due to circumstances beyond our control, Clients are now solely responsible for the delivery of the W33B Home Loan Test Kit and W35 Drinking Water Coliform/ E.Coli test.

*Customers may pick up the W33B - Home Loan Closing Kit ($85) and W35 - Total Coliform / E. coli test kit ($36) at the Harris County Extension Office, 121 N. Old College Street, Hamilton,  Ga. 31811

Samples must be received by the laboratory for analysis within 24 hours of the collection time.
Therefore, collect and ship samples on the same day.


Water samples for submission to the laboratories vary as to the type of container and volume appropriate for different tests. Much time can be saved if water is initially sampled in the correct container.

Please use appropriate sampling containers for water testing for Home Loan Closing (W33B) and Total Coliform / E. coli tests (W35).

Sampling containers for all other water tests are available at Harris County Extension Office 121 N. Old College Street, Hamilton Ga. 31811 (706) 628-4824

Many of the chemical parameters are time sensitive, which means that there is a specified amount of time that the sample can be held before testing procedures must begin.  

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