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From serving as a chaperone at 4-H Summer camp to leading a special interest team, 4-H offers a variety of opportunities for volunteer service in youth development programming. 

We hope you will find your niche with us and share your time and talents in building our next generation of leaders.

Want To Become a 4-H Volunteer?

Join our team and make a difference in the life of a child!

Contact our office if you would like to become 4-H Volunteer


  • Adult volunteers must be at least 18 years old.
  • All Volunteers must complete a Volunteer Agreement
  • Volunteers working with youth must complete a Volunteer Application, supply 3 non-related references, pass a background check, and complete the online training, Georgia 4-H: Working with Youth & Managing Risk.
  • Volunteer drivers must pass a Motor Vehicle screening (included in volunteer application).


Categories of Volunteers (See full description in the UGA Extension Volunteer Policy Overview):

General Volunteer

Screened Volunteer

Screened Volunteer Working with Youth

Coaching Requirement for Competition:
In all cases, coaches (both paid staff and volunteer) are required to complete training in order for the county to field a team for competition. Each counties' Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging, Forestry Field Day, Poultry Judging, and Wildlife Judging is required to be coached by a certified coach. Coaches may enlist additional leaders to assist with instruction and may coach more than one county team. 4-H Coach's Certification is obtained by completing the Georgia 4-H Certified Judging Coach's training for the specific event.

Each S.A.F.E. team in each discipline (archery, pistol, B.B, rifle, and shotgun) is required to be coached by a certified paid staff or volunteer coach. If a meeting, practice or S.A.F.E. event is held a certified coach in that discipline is required to be in attendance along with screened volunteers for assistance. Certification is obtained by completing the Georgia 4-H Certified S.A.F.E. Coach's Training in that discipline. Visit our Shooting Sports page to see S.A.F.E. coaching requirements and trainings.