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All 4-H activities have been canceled until further notice.  

S.A.F.E. Archery Overview

Youth 4th grade and up, from 9-19 enjoy learning the discipline of shooting compound bows with the help of certified volunteer coaches. Most shoots involve FITA rules and sometimes include a 3-D component.  Indoor Practices are hosted in the fall and once the State Indoor Tournament in Perry wraps up we shift to preparing for the State Outdoor Tournament at Rock Eagle.  This year we have the opportunity to participate in 2-3 local tournaments as well.

Each year we incorporate new shooters into the program at the start of each season. This year we are requiring new shooters to either have their own equipment to be able to participate. Please give us a call before purchasing a bow to ensure it meets the specifications for our tournaments.  If you're new to the sport you'll want to find out your child's eye dominance, draw length and how much they can easily pull. Many bows are highly adjustable, so you don't have to worry so much about them growing out of them if you purchase the right ones. You'll need a bow with a 3-5 pin sight or a magnified scope, rest, release and possibly a stabilizer and case. Hard cases are usually safer as soft cases often get crushed in transit.  Keep in mind, these are true compound bows.  Typical setups range from $250-$1500 for new equipment. 

Arrows are often a big question. Shooters have their preferences, but make sure your child is shooting arrows properly spined for his/her bow. Too heavy and they'll never make it to the target, yet too light and you're in the hospital. With that said please ask for recommendations to suit your needs. 

All shooters also must fill out a Medical Form and Code of Conduct form.

For more information about Habersham County 4-H Archery Team, contact Steven Patrick at or call (706) 754-2318.

State Indoor Archery Team

Pictured below are front roll left to right Isaiah Dailey, Hunter Brevard, Paris Dailey, Taegan Lanier, Bryce Nix, Elisha Dailey; back roll Caden Mosher, Landon Canupp, Ethan Dooley, Leah Cantrell, Chaise Arpke, Raven Miller, Rachel Dailey, Aiden Arrendale and Ethan Moser. Not pictured are Devon Clarke and Mont Wood. The team is coached by: Randy Crump, Randy & Mary Cantrell, Sarah Dailey and Todd Mosher.

Becoming a Certified Coach

Certified Coaches and adult leaders are instrumental in delivering S.A.F.E. Programs on both the county and state levels. If you are interested in becoming a certified coach and volunteer for your local 4-H program, contact your local county Extension office. To become a certified coach, you must:

Meet the volunteer screening requirements of the University of Georgia which includes filling out an application with the local county office, submitting references and undergoing a background check conducted by the University.

Volunteers must also complete Chaperone Training if they plan to be the leader of a group or accompany youth on overnight trips. Chaperone Training is completed during the State SAFE Certified Coaches training.

To lead SAFE (Shooting Sports Programs) leaders must attend a Certified Coaches Training. These are held three times a year at Rock Eagle 4-H Center (Friday Evening-Sunday Morning). Interested adult leaders that would like to work with SAFE programs are registered for the state-level training through their county offices.  Training courses will be offered

2020 BB Team

Our BB Team will be accepting new members in January.  Currently, we shoot every Friday night from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. You MUST use our guns. Boys and Girls are both welcome to shoot with us.  The first competition will be on April 4 in Walton County. The State Tournament will be held on April 25. Spaces are very limited. This is free, but you will need to purchase your own safety glasses. For more information call Andy at 706-754-2318.   


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