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2020 Winter Edition Junior-Senior Newsletter

2020 February Cloverleaf Newsletter


Junior/ Senior Meeting (6-12th grade)


District Project Achievement (grades 4-6)

It's that time of year again!!!  Cloverleaf Project Achievement is one of the largest and most exciting, challenging and rewarding programs offered by Georgia 4-H. 4-H’ers choose a project area of interest, research a topic, then write and present an oral presentation to others. For Cloverleaf 4-H’ers, students in grades 4-6, this process is about hands-on learning, self-confidence, and sharing knowledge. The actual contest will be in the spring of 2020 and is rewarded with an exciting adventure afterward. Call Agent Andy or Mrs. Renee for an appointment to get started. We also have a poster board and other supplies. 

JR/SR 4-H'ers you know the drill.  Please call or contact Mr. Andy or Mrs. Renee for an appointment to work on your projects