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Judging Team Information

Georgia 4-H offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to learn about the world around them; then share their knowledge with their peers through competitions. Kids will learn how to work independently, and as part of a team, critical thinking, mastery over their topic area, how to effectively give oral reasons to support their findings and be able to mentor younger students on their team. Habersham County 4-H participates in the judging teams below. Please click on the title of each team for more information.

UGA Livestock Show Team Resources

Habersham County is blessed to have youth showing a variety of livestock, including goats, sheep, pigs, cows, dairy cows, and even horses at times.  For more information, contact the 4-H Office.

Livestock Judging Resources

This year we plan to host livestock judging practices in Jan-March on Tuesdays.  Youth will learn to evaluate groups of livestock and how to give oral reasons in classes.  Our practices will hopefully involve visits to local farms if you'd like to help us out!
Following livestock judging comes poultry judging on Tuesdays.  We'll learn to evaluate laying hens for egg production, how to candle eggs, broken out eggs, parts, and whole birds.  Poultry judging also involves an oral reasons component in the live laying hen class.  The contest is held in April.

Wildlife Judging Manual

We'll begin practices in June to learn how to evaluate habitat and food for various types of wildlife in conjunction with forestry practices.
We'll begin practices in June to learn tree identification, insect & disease identification, compass & pacing, volume estimation, and site evaluation.  This past season our team placed 3rd at the State Contest.  We finished in 1st place at the district contest for our senior team and 2nd place for our junior team.

Cotton Boll & Consumer Judging Resources

We're currently practicing each week for the Nov 2nd Consumer Judging Contest.  Youth enjoy learning how to evaluate products and develop oral reasons for a particular class.  The contest also features a commercial to promote cotton.  Our Senior team placed 2nd, which earned them a trip to state, and the juniors placed 3rd.

Habersham County Forestry team
Habersham Highest scoring Junior Team
Habersham County Senior Team
George Wilder Boggs and Craven Hudson- High Senior Individual
Senior Team 3rd Place Team
Cotton Boll and Consumer Judging Team
3rd place Junior high scoring team
2nd place Senior CBCJ team