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Child Care Online Learning
UGA has a new way to complete needed hours for Child Care Centers and workers! We are quite pleased to announce that courses are now available online. This new service will allow care givers to complete courses at a convenient time for the individual. We truly believe that this will be a beneficial resource for all care givers in our community. The website is very easy to use, go to . Create an account and get started.
The new online program for classes will be a great way to earn your needed hours. If you have any questions please contact Trisha Willis or Christa Campbell at the Elbert County Extension office at 706-283-2037. We would be glad to help.

Walk Georgia

Walk Georgia is a web-based fitness program designed to encourage activity and exercise! Participate individually or within a group.

Radon Education

Radon is a colorless, tasteless and odorless gas that can cause lung cancer. It occurs naturally and is released into the soil, easily entering buildings through the foundation. The only way to know if you have radon is to test.

UGA Greenway

Tips on how to make environmentally-conscious decisions and live green! 

Food Talk

Make healthy food and lifestyle choices on a budget. This series of eight, interactive lessons includes activities and recipe demonstrations.

Childcare Provider Trainings

UGA Extension provides entity-approved training to help child care providers meet state licensing requirements. Check the calendar for training events near you.

Your Good Credit Series

Establishing, maintaining, and protecting Your Good Credit can save you thousands of dollars over time. This series will teach you the basics of credit reports and scores.

Building Baby's Brain Series

What happens during a child's first few years makes a big difference in the child's later life. This series helps parents learn strategies to improve early brain development.

Diabetes Management 

How to manage diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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Monthly Articles from FACS Agent Christa Campbell 

By: Christa Campbell

Here they come again--the privacy notices your bank and other financial institutions are required to send every year. Before you throw them away, take a closer look. The disclosures describe the kinds of personal information these institutions collect about customers or share with other companies.

Allowing your information to be shared is optional. Unless you opt out, however, it is also automatic. Financial institutions must provide an opportunity to opt out of information sharing. The yearly notices explain your rights to opt out or say no to certain types of information sharing practices.

To protect your privacy, consider these tips:

* Watch for privacy notices. They are often included with another mailing from your financial institutions, such as your statement, and not as a separate, distinct piece of mail.

* Read the information carefully. Your financial data is among the most sensitive information about you. Take the time to understand how your institution protects your personal information and what more you can do.

* If you previously told an institution you want to opt out of information sharing, you do not have to renew your wishes. Instructions remain in effect until you revoke them in writing. However, if you previously opted out but the institution is expanding its information sharing into new areas where you have a right to say no, you would have to opt out again to cover the new practices.

* If you did not previously opt out (and the vast majority of consumers did not), you can do so at any time. Follow the instructions provided by the financial institution to make sure your request is honored.

* Be sure to opt-out of information-sharing by Credit Reporting Agencies. Visit or call any of the Credit Reporting Agencies. Transunion (1-800-888-4213), Equifax (1-800-685-1111), and Experian (1-888-397-3742) routinely provide your personal information to various financial institutions for marketing purposes. While you have them on the line, request a free copy of your credit report.

* Keep good records. Note when you wrote or called an institution to opt out. When providing your instructions to someone over the phone, note the name of the person you talked with and the time of your call. Good records can save you from submitting duplicate opt-out instructions or help protect you in case of a dispute about whether you asked to opt out.

Opting out helps to cut down on the quantity of junk mail and telemarketing calls you receive and gives you more control over who has access to information about you. Opting out does require action on your part, but is well worth the time and effort involved.