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Elbert Made - Agriculture Directory

The quality of goods and services provided is not guaranteed by the University of Georgia or UGA Cooperative Extension. The purpose of this directory is not to promote one person or business over another, but rather to provide an open forum for farmers and residents to find the local assistance they are looking for. We encourage you to do your due diligence and research the most reputable individual for the job at hand. It is our pleasure to facilitate the process of building relationships within our county’s agriculture community.

Machinery & Labor 

Jeffery Cann | Double C Cattle Farm
706-371-5722 |
No-till drill, Bush hogging, Overseeding pastures.
Dewy Rose 

Clay's Custom Welding & Fabrication
Farm Equipment Repair 

Superior Grinding & Grading LLC
Blake Parham 706-680-3890 | Monty Dixon 706-498-4904
Clearing, Bush hog work, Trenching, Plowing, Planting.

Ty McCarty  | Ty Mac Enterprises
706-988-4234 |
Dump truck, Skid steer, Bush hogging, Commercial & Residential Fencing.

Ron Ward

Austin Williams
Bush hogging, Pressure washing.

Mandy Williams
Bush hogging. 

Hay (Cut/Bale/Sell)

Chris Alexander
706-498-1529 | Hay For Sale

Bock Farms
662-617-4948 |
Cut, bale, sell
2,600 bermuda square bales available
Starkville, MS 

Jeffery Cann | Double C Cattle Farm
706-371-5722 |
Cut, bale, haul 
Dewy Rose 

Tom McCall
706-318-5436 | Hay For Sale

Ty McCarty | Ty Mac Enterprises
Cut, bale, haul, sell 

Gerald Mercer
706-988-9567 | Hay For Sale

Jeff Moore
706-621-3720 | 706-498-6447
Dewy Rose

Feral Hog Removal

Brian Soh |

Ty McCarty  | Ty Mac Enterprises
706-988-4234 | 

Honeybee Hive Removal

Dennis Bellew
Dewy Rose 

Josh Gibson

Glenn (Bill) Moorehead
706-201-3327 or 706-255-7884

BrianBradford                                                                             706-308-7275


Other Pest Removal

Ty McCarty  | Ty Mac Enterprises
706-988-4234 |
Beavers and coyotes 

Pond Management

Aquatic Environmental Services
Matthew Morgan
770-735-3523 |
Ball Ground 

Hauling & Spreading 

Randy Cannon | 706-988-3333  
Chicken litter (for sale, hauling, spreading)

John Reiman
571-243-2410 | 706-760-6820
Chicken litter (for sale) 
Dewy Rose 

Elbert County Agriculture Directory Submissions 

From time to time, our office receives calls from members of the community requesting referrals, as a service of Cooperative Extension. In response, we have begun compiling a list of individuals and businesses in Elbert County that provide agricultural products or services.

Local Agriculture-Related Services

Do you wish to be added to the Service Directory above? Do you:

  • Cut & bale and/or sell hay?

  • Remove feral hogs, other pests, or honeybee hives?

  • Sell/haul/apply lime, fertilizer, or litter?

  • Own a dump truck, skid steer, or other heavy machinery for clearing land?

  • Provide another agricultural service?

If so, please complete the Agriculture Directory submission form and return it to our office to be added to our directory.

Local Agriculture-Related Products

The Elbert County Extension Office is also compiling a list of products raised or made here in Elbert County. The database we currently have on file is several years old and needs to be recreated. Producers on this list will receive updates, program flyers, and educational information relative to the livestock and crops they raise. This list will also help our Agriculture & Natural Resources agent, Patrick Marcellino, develop programs that will be most beneficial to our local farmers and homesteaders. We encourage all Elbert County farmers (whether you raise 2 hogs, a half-acre of seasonal vegetables, 10 chickens, 50 acres of row crops, or 100 head of cattle) to complete the Agriculture Directory submission form and return it to our office, so that we may provide you with resources specific to your interests, as well as opportunities to connect with consumers when possible.

The long-term goal in creating these lists is to develop a network of farmers that can learn from one another, meet regularly, and cultivate a cooperative system to bring economic development to Elbert County. Your involvement would be both valuable and appreciated.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact our office.